CNC Barrel Fluting Service

There are many options available to you if you are contemplating building a custom rifle. But one of the things that will make your rifle stand out from a run of the mill rifle is a fluted barrel.

Apart from cosmetics, fluting has several other advantages to consider. Such as quicker barrel cooling due to the increased surface area, barrel rigidity and weight reduction. Opting to use a fluted barrel on your next rifle build gives you the benefit of being able to use a heavier/larger profile barrel, but with limited weight gains.

Fluting is a very invasive machining process and requires a very rigid work holding set up. If you require us to flute a barrel which is already blued or finished in any way, it is possible that the surface could be marked. Sadly, this is not avoidable, and we cannot accept any liability if this occurs. But we do our utmost to prevent any unwanted blemishes. This is not a problem when we are working with a new barrel, as we will be carrying out the finishing of the barrel.

Please note:

We will not carry out fluting on factory barrels.

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A typical fluting setup on our Haas CNC Mill.

Spiral barrel fluting.

An example of a spiral fluted barrel.

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