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Sound Moderators

We are able to supply most sound moderators depending on the customer's requirements. We can highly recommend Wildcat Moderators by UK Custom Shop. These moderators are excellent quality and realistically priced.

The new Evolution model is only £280

Please contact us for more details.

GRS Berserk stock, for right hand Remington 700 short action.


GRS Berserk stock, for right hand Remington 700 short action.

Tier One Picatinny Scope Rail.

Available in 0 and 20 MOA for short and long action Remington 700, Howa1500, Tikka T3, Browning. Others available please contact us for details.

Tier One DBM

Available for Remington short action and Tikka T3.

Fitting service available, please see our stock inletting page for details.

Tier One DBM. Detacheble bottom metal.

TriggerTech Triggers

TriggerTechs patented Frictionless Release Technology™ does not rely on coating, polishing, lubricating or reducing the key engagement surfaces to enhance performance. You can now have unparalleled trigger performance without compromising safety.

Frictionless Release Technology™, along with hardened 440C stainless steel internal components ensure corrosion resistance and an extended service life. Your trigger pulls will be more consistent from shot to shot and after thousands of shots more than you ever thought possible.

Remington 700 TriggerTech Primary £190

Remington 700 TriggerTech Special £240

Remington 700 Trigger Tech Special 2 stage £325

Other models and fitments available - Please call for details.

Trigger Tech Triggers now in stock. Trigger Tech Primary, Trigger Tech special and special two stage.

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Tier One Picatinny Scope Rail. UK Custom Shop Wildcat sound moderators.

The full range of Tier One products are available.

Bighorn Arms Origin custom action.

Other model Bighorn actions and products are available, please contact us with your requirements.

Bighorne Arms Origin custom action.

Custom modified Hornady OAL gauges for all calibres.

Click HERE for more info.

Hornoday custom modified OAL gauges for all calibres.

Gunwerks GRB Stainless Steel Actions Right Handed

Field strippable bolt
Proprietary horizontal ejection system
One Piece Bolt & Handle
NP3 Low Friction bolt coating
Threaded, replaceable bolt knob (5/16-24)
Tri-Lock™ Recoil Lug Locking Tabs
Wyatt Length action enables longer case length for loading VLD bullets to the lands
"Borden Style" bumps ensure smooth operation and perfect bolt alignment
Material: 416 Stainless Steel
Long & Short action
Weight: Long Action: 29.7oz  |  Short Action: 27.5oz

In stock ready to go. £950.00

Gunwerks GRB Custom Action.

KRG Bravo Chassis.
Remington 700 footprint right handed short action.

In stock ready to go £395

KRG Bravo Chassis.

Foundation Stock Weight Kits

Our stock weight kit comes with 22 brass weights and a threaded removal tool. This kit is ideally suited to PRS Competition Rifles.

You can see more details of the kit by clicking HERE

£150.00 including shipping

Foundation Stock Weights kit.