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Sako 85 S picatinny rail 0 MOA 20 MOA

With limited scope mounting options available for the Sako 85 S, especially those wishing to shoot long range. We have designed and engineered in house our own low profile picatinny rail system.

Common aftermarket Sako 85 scope rails attach via the Optilock dovetails, unfortunately these are often too high, insecure, cause accuracy issues and generally don’t look very good. Our system uses a custom made low profile picatinny rail that is mounted via 4X M4 screws for a secure fit, and is mounted accurately to the centre line of the action. Not only is it more versatile and secure, it has been designed to hide the Optilock dovetails, and blend in the design of the action. The other advantage is our Sako 85 Picatinny rail can be made in 0 MOA and 20 MOA.

In order to fit our Sako picatinny rail the action has to be modified to accept the M4 screws. This involves helically boring holes and then thread milling the screw threads. This is all carried our on our CNC milling machine and held to tight tolerances. Obviously this is a permanent modification but the scope rail can be removed to use the original Sako Optilock system.

On rifles that have had the barrel Cerakoted some marking can happen due to the barrel having to be removed during the threading process.

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